Thursday, December 20, 2007

Some photographs

Please enjoy the following photographs. I'm not very good with my new camera as yet, however hope this gives you some idea of my journey, and the Antarctica landscape.


radhika said...

wonderful , amasing and lovely

Anonymous said...

Nice photos uncle. Have been following, albeit erratically. Wish I could go, sometime, myself!


anirudh said...

Dear Sudhir,
I have been following up on your journey.Seems mind blowing and out of this world.Ravinder sends love.
All the best and take care.

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful reading your vivid accounts. It almost transports me atleast top the wonderland. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sudhir Unc,
Looks like ur having loads of fun der.....
Happy Birthday, I kno u will never forget this bday of urs......
amazing description n surely a life time exp.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Khandelwal,
I haven't met you yet, but following your superbly written blog makes me feel I have known you for ages!

Happy New Year to you. Do you see any sunset or sunrise there? Maybe you could try to capture them on the camera.

Best of luck and keep well.
Dr Zia Nadeem
Edinburgh, scotland

Anonymous said...

it is a joy to see you in the photos.It is certainly once in a lifetime experience
enjoy it.

musical said...

Dear Dr. Khandelwal,

Your is such a wonderfully written and lively account of your journey. I am so glad that i came across this journal. I am even more thrilled since i am interested in Psychology. Wish you the very best for your adventures.


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