Friday, July 18, 2008

Presentation at Google, San Francisco

18 July, 2008

I was recently in San Francisco where Pranay, my nephew, organized a visit for us to his company, Google. I was asked if I would be willing in making a presentation for the interested staff on my Antarctica experience. The possibility of space flights and extended space missions becoming available to the ordinary citizens has caught people’s imagination and they want to know how such flights and missions would impact them and their health and behaviour. Since there are many common characteristics (for example, stress, isolation, and sensory deprivation) between Antarctic expedition and Space mission, my talk would be helpful to people wishing to be on the Space flights in the future. Google has uploaded this presentation on the youtube :
By the way, this blog is also through the service provided by Google.

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Pinku said...


came here through Mampi's blog and am so happy to be here.

First of all congrats on going to the Antartica though am still wondering what kind of research u plan to do there. would be great if u would elucidate.

Secondly nice to know someone from our own Delhi is telling the google guys new things. Am impressed since they seem to know everything ;)


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