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Having gone blind in the space of two weeks in 1998 Mark rapidly learned how to adapt to changing circumstances. Now, he motivates employees all over the world, pursues research into resilience, creativity and innovation as well as testing the theory by competing in diverse events. Mark’s story is incredible and reaffirms our faith that there is a power that resides within us all to take control of our lives.
One major highlight of the Amundsen Omega 3 South Pole Race 2008 was Mark Pollock completing the race skiing all the way to the South Pole like other competitors. Mark’s story is truly inspiring, he is blind in his both the eyes. He went blind in 1998 due to retinal detachment. He was then already an international rower and a business student. “The shock of going blind was almost unbearable. One moment I was on the crest of a wave with everything going my way, the next I went blind and my life changed forever. I thought my life was over.”

However, loss of vision failed to dim his …


Nearly a hundred years ago in 1911, two legendary South Pole explorers, English man, Robert Scott and his Norwegian rival, Roald Amundsen raced against each other and against all odds to be the first to conquer the South Pole that had eluded mankind for quite some time. We now know the history how Amundsen emerged victorious, and what Scott said on finally reaching the pole only after a few days, and then his ultimate tragic fate.

Since then, modern day adventurers are attempting to reach South Pole in different style and creating all sorts of records, skiing all the way, or using ski and kites etc. However, there is a big difference now in the efforts and logistics one has to put in to complete the race. First of all, it is much easier to reach Antarctic shores now – the ships are better and there are regular flights to Antarctica from Cape Town and Chile. So the race actually begins when one has already been dropped at the dome of the continent from where the South Pole is only 800 …