Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wind Speed is Killer

The wind speed has remained very high since yesterday, nearly 120 kmph. Sitting in the lounge or in your own living area, you continuously hear the sound of a floor mill running without stop. This morning I took half the time for walking from Annapurna lounge to Maitri lounge since I was pushed from back all the time, but then it took me double the time to come back. I am wearing 3 layers since the minimum wind chill temp has dropped further. With three layers bathroom trips become the most cumbersome. If the wind speed increases further, the snow drift will start which, as the name implies, means that the snow will be lifted up from its original place to accumulate elsewhere. If it accumulates in front of the doors, we will have to shovel it away to gain access to our living area. Shovels are kept at strategic places for easy access. There is no sign of a blizzard developing yet since there is no fog around.

Last night 'Dil Chahta Hai' was screened at Maitri Lounge. Though normally I do not stay for long after my dinner for the movie, but yesterday I stayed on till the end. I always find this movie fresh and entertaining. People are waiting for new movies to come with the ship next month. Someone asked me why I did not bring any new ones. Another person responded that he did bring something, sweets and 'jukaam'.


mamta said...

Dear Sir,
Your description of Antarctica is so lively; does not leave much for imagination.Everything just pops up in front of eyes!

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