Sunday, January 18, 2009

nesting in no man’s land

The New Indian Express dated 11.01.2009 on Sunday carried some stories of Antarctica penned by ‘yours truly’ on its centre-spread with photographs. You may like to see the link at


Mampi said...

too bad,
the link doesnt open.
Please paste the text here on the blog for us.

Anonymous said...

Mampi, for reasons unknown to me, the link has stopped working now. Perhaps, the newspaper has sent this issue dated 11.01.2009 into archive. Let me see if this can be worked out.

June Saville said...

What a very interesting blog you have here. I shall return.
Pleased you came to 70 Plus and Still Kicking. I am involved in the issue of mental health too - I run a volunteer support group for families and carers that has been active since 2004.
It's been a difficult situation here for years and only now is JUST beginning to receive a little more attention. A very long way to go however.
I suppose mental health is a difficulty in India too?
June in Oz

Anonymous said...

Hi June, welcome. Thanks for your visits. We shall certainly discuss the issue of mental health over emails.


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