Sunday, December 20, 2009


This Sunday the Rose Society of India organized its annual Rose Festival in Delhi. Enjoy the slide show. All photographs are courtesy Vasuman. Cheers


Unknown said...


Where was the festival held - was it somewhere around the Qutab area? Looks like a lovely sunny Delhi winter morning.

Vasu, took some great photos! I'm guessing he used your dslr. He seems to have learnt how to use your camera and its powerful features. Kudos!

Sudhir Khandelwal said...

Hi Kush; it was held in the Rose Garden, Chanakya Puri. I shall convey your compliments to Vasu. Yes, it was Canon 400D, and then Roses make such a live subject!

Mampi said...

very refreshing shots.
and I saw them early this morning.
Made my day.
My best wishes to the photographer.
and to you who posted them for us.


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