Friday, January 25, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow

The weather is just exhilarating, though most of members won't agree with me. Since evening 6 pm it is snowing. Now the time is 9.45 pm. The snow fall is not heavy but is continuous. And this snow fall is very different as compared to what I have seen elsewhere is India, England or America. We are usually used to snow falling as soft flakes; however, here it is like grains of salt. Outside my hut the foot mat is totally white now. The weather prediction is that it will continue like this for next 2-3 days. In Delhi, the Republic Day celebrations are on many occasions on a wet or windy day. Let us see if we get to celebrate here a white 26 January.


Anonymous said...

Doctor Saab, here in the centre of Pennsylvania also we have have fresh crunchy snow to bring in Indian's 58 Republic Day!!
Mytri(written in Hindi in the same way!)

prabha matta said...

Feeling very good to read ur blog sir. Good luck for everything...