Friday, January 11, 2008

Visit to a Penguin Rookery - Quick note

Late yesterday evening I went with a team of about 15 people to see the area where Adelie penguins make their rookeries (reproductive areas) every year during the season. The group was led by Mr Arun Chaturvedi and it was very informative to go with someone who was willing to show and inform you about various things. It appeared as if the landscape, stones, boulders, and rocks came alive. Adelie lays one egg in the month of October and by this time the colony leaves for the sea coast. We saw one lone penguin in the ice sheet, which means it is doomed to die; it will go weaker and weaker till it is preyed upon by skua. So this means whatever penguins we are seeing now in this area face the same fate. More later....

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