Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dhritrashtra Aalingan

We have one Soma Ji (name changed) in 27th Team who will be spending winter here. He is very fond of shaking hands with foreign ladies and getting himself photographed with them. We witnessed it in Johannesburg itself when we were waiting in Q at the airport for our Cape Town flight. We were taken aback when we suddenly saw him breaking out of the Q and darting towards a small group of young women who were seeing off their friend. He also stood there waiting for his turn to hug her and wish her bon voyage. He had handed over his camera to Sundar with obvious instructions to click it when he was hugging her. His friend did not disappoint him. That will remain one of his most cherished photograph of Antarctic visit. This afternoon when some of us were recounting the incident and laughing over it, I remarked that this happened when he was not even away from home for one week. "What will happen in next January during his journey back" I wondered. Venu said immediately, "Dhritrashtra aalingan". You know the famous hug of King Dhritrashtra in the epic 'Mahabharat' who wishes to crush Bhim (he had killed King's all hundred sons) by his hug but because of wily and timely intervention of Lord Krishna crushes an iron statue instead.

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