Saturday, January 19, 2008

Getting noticed

Turns out Dr Khandelwal's musings from the Ice Planet have been noticed and published by the media. Here's a link from the Hindustan Times titled "Indian blogs live from Antarctica for the first time"

I'd also like to thank all of you, old and new friends, who visit this blog and take the time to write. Because of lack of Internet connectivity , he cannot actually view the comments or see the site himself. However he sends you all a big THANK YOU!


Harshit said...

After getting the link from HT i added it onto my blog as well.

Its really very encouraging of him to continue writing from the extreme south under the prevailing conditions.

Hats off to Dr. Khandelwal!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Khandelwals,

Me too here after seeing the report in HT. Loved reading this facinating blog. wud be comin back 4 more.


Renie Ravin said...

Hi, found you through simplicity. We'd love it if you could add your blog to our directory of Indian bloggers. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Me and my family have been following the blog for quite some time and in a way always felt that we are in touch with Dr. Khandelwal.
Indeed its a great piece of effort by Dr. Khandelwal & his son, Kush.

Keep it up and keep posting !

radhika said...

Hey too cool i am sure to do this or that but certainly send phupaji a copy , this is really marevellous and he will be really proud of himself and e are proud of him .

Unknown said...

This is great to watch the efforts of Indians thru' the medium of Internet. Pl keep it up.
Waman Karnik, Boston, USA

Anonymous said...

Truly Inspiring, your blog!


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