Thursday, February 14, 2008

On Emerald Sea Starboard

Finally, finally, I have landed on the ship. The weather opened up only late evening yesterday when I saw my first star of Antarctica. And only one the most shining one; I am not good at star gazing, so could not identify. But surprisingly even veterans of 2 or 3 winters here could not make a guess what star it could be. I at least suggested venus since it is the most bright star on Indian sky and among the first one to become visible on an evening.

Since the morning it was becoming evident with all the bright sun that choppers would be making a landing. Most of us have shifted on the ship. I am on the 5th floor (top floor) in room 504 right now. In a day or two it will be clear whether I stay in this room and also if I remain the only occupant. Otherwise it has two bunker beds. The room is of OK size with a 6 ft long sofa, study table and chair. There is a small attached toilet cum bath. Once it becomes clear that I would remain the sole occupant then I shall clean it to my satisfaction. Right now it is not to my liking; it had remained unused for last 6 weeks.

I shall gradually tell you more about the ship and its life. But to my mind, it may not match Maitri in terms of experiences and my walks etc. However, it may have its compensation in marine life and ocean in its various forms. My room is on the 5th floor, while kitchen, sitting lounge and gym are on the first second and third floor. So in lieu of my walks I shall have my stair climbing.

The chopper flight was for 45 minutes flying at 500 m. Within a minute of leaving Maitri, it was ice, ice, and ice only, continuous, unbroken, and unending. The patterns on the ice were changing every minute. Any fabric designer will have patterns of unmatched, unparallel designs for his next season’s collections.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Anonymous said...

Hello Sudhir,
bon voyage home. South India is now all hot, though the north is still "cold". When do you get back home?
(from France)


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