Thursday, April 3, 2008

Belated Holi Greetings!


This morning we celebrated Holi with much gusto. The day was ideal for playing Holi on the open deck. It was bright and sunny day with comfortable wind and calm sea. For last two days a few people were busy making dishes to be served: baalu-shahi, shakkar-para, masala-daal, masala-chane, gunjiya etc. In absence of bhang, rum was liberally added to the fruit-punch. And one member showed ingenuity in making colours in absence of abir-gulal. With the help of turmeric powder and food colors, two colours were prepared. One went a step further. He emptied a few ball pens and added another colour to the bright yellow and bright red. People enjoyed putting colour on my beard and getting photographed with me. So it was a fun party on the deck with the Russian crew watching from the safe distance, though they were invited to join. The NZ pilots came very briefly with the condition that no colour would be put on them. All the three have grown quite fond of Indian sweets, esp, gulab-jamun and besan-ki-barfi. Lee is carrying a few packets of gulab-jamun ready-mix to make it back home for his wife and daughters. Later a few crew members joined; only a red ‘tika’ was put on their forehead. The few albatross must be wondering what is happening, such a thing never happened on earlier ships! They were not looking for food. It hunts its own fish and also scavenges on the carcasses of whales and seals.

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