Friday, April 11, 2008

Last Post From The Emerald Sea

This is my last mail of this voyage on the m/v Emerald Sea of the Antarctic Expedition. This evening there will be last sending and receiving of mails. So I thought why to lose an opportunity, though I am most of times not good at exploiting a chance. This morning we were discussing recently concluded T-20 series (cricket series). I said two things I have regretted in life are: one, never trying to excel in any sports, and secondly not trying to learn a musical instrument. One member tried to comfort me, “But you sing quite well.” I told them: when I was in the early years of medical college, when many of us were trying to ‘patao’ girl-friends, one constant advice was that you should sing well. That motivation was also lost when I managed without singing or learning to sing.

By latitude, we have crossed Kanya Kumari, but can not see the shore line as we are quite deep into the Arabian Sea. Last night some ships were sighted.

I must do cleaning of the hard copies of lot of mails, then get going with the packing.


Unknown said...

Wonderful and very exciting throughout. The slide show contained very beautiful views and panoramic dreamscenes of a lifetime. Bravo! Now eagerly awaiting to welcome you. Best Regards Prem Shankar Gupta

Anonymous said...

Hey uncle, the beard looks very nice and makes you look the complete Gandhian intellectual. Maybe you should keep it, you know:)


Anonymous said...

I disagree with Ajoy :)
Your look minus the beard gets my vote!
Welcome back to India- how lovely it must be to be back home...


Anonymous said...

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