Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Duty Free Goods

There is lot excitement in the dinning hall since morning. The notice board has displayed an announcement by the ship Captain that the duty free items will be available at 12:30 pm. Of course, it is only alcohol and cigarettes. If there were chocolates, I’d be interested. I neither smoke nor offer to guests at home. There is sufficient alcohol lying at home, and I have discovered Goa to be an exciting place to buy liquor at half of the Delhi rates. The quality and variety of IMFL (India Made Foreign Liquor, which is the term that British gave to alcohol industry in pre-independence era and is still sticking) are fast improving. The Indian beer, Cobra, seems to be a popular brand in English restaurants and pubs. The India made ‘single malt whiskey’ that I bought (Rs 450/-) while coming to this Expedition is still lying intact. I seem to be more knowledgeable about Goa prices of various Indian premium brands of whiskey and wine and am advising people on comparative rates. But I am sure they will still buy scotch here rather than single malt whiskey at Goa. After all, ‘phoren’ goods are still a craze. It is said that Delhi wallahs are so crazy about the scotch that more scotch is consumed in Delhi than what is produced in Scotland.

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Tardyon said...

What an amazing experience! I really enjoyed reading your travelogue.


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