Thursday, April 3, 2008


I am sure Ishu will smile and have a laugh of the day when I write about people’s non-veg eating habits. We have had intense debate on this topic earlier. I concede that I stand corrected. I believed that in India the practice of eating non-veg meal even in non-veg eating families is only once or twice a week. However, it does not seem to be true if we consider the people currently on the ship. Though they are not true representatives of Indian population, yet it indicates a trend. Out of 33 Indian members on the ship, only 5 are vegetarians, and of these 5 four take eggs. So only one out of 33 is true vegetarian. Non-veg dish is served every day here in both the meals and, of course, people consume it. Even on Tuesday, which is considered a taboo for consumption of liquor and non-veg food by most Hindus in India, more than half consume it here. I think the frequency of non-veg food consumption depends, perhaps, on affordability, accessibility and feasibility. The recent dietary surveys done in India also indicate more than 50 percent people being non-vegetarians.


Anonymous said...

Interesting observation there! Yes, a lot of things are 'relative'... including non-veg / liquor.

Cheers from India!


Anonymous said...

I'm curious--is the increased consumption of meat leading to increased incidence of heart disease and obesity in India? Also I imagine that in the cold of Antarctica you'd need the extra fat calories that a veggie diet doesn't offer, but in India it's quite another matter. I certainly see more overweight people when I visit (urban) India now than I did when I left over 20 years ago.


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