Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More on Seasickness

Originally meant for posting on March 15th

The ship is moving forward at snail’s speed with its rolling and pitching. In the morning the sea had become very rough with very high wind speed. A number of people are obviously seasick but trying to keep a brave front. For breakfast not more than 20 came; for lunch the attendance was a little better. However, for dinner again the attendance was thin. Consumption of diet has also decreased. People try to hide their being seasick when they know it fully well that it is natural to have seasickness. You meet them in the corridors and they look as if they have just seen a ghost. When you ask them their welfare, you can easily see their brave effort in smiling and hiding their unpleasantness. They may be feeling suicidal or wishing for making a euthanasia plea, but still they would respond that they are feeling on top of world. There is no foolproof mantra to combat the seasickness. At very rough sea, everyone would experience it till one gets acclimatized. One should not try to hide the fact of being seasick; no shame or embarrassment in acknowledging it. Do not isolate yourself. Do not hide yourself in the room trying to read a book. Be physically active as much as possible. I keep on climbing up or down the stairs for no other purpose. People also recommend looking at the waves, the very reason for being sick, to condition the brain with the movements. Finally, there are medicines that can be helpful.

The rolling ship makes the gait quite unsteady. We have to walk taking frequent support of the wall or the railings. Carrying a food plate from the serving bowls to the dinning table is a big balancing challenge. I acted like a tipsy in the lounge amusing everybody there.

I guess that the experience of being seasick while going from Indian bay to the Larsemann Hills conditioned my vestibular apparatus; I haven’t felt sick though the sea is experiencing more rolling and pitching.

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Anonymous said...

Reading about your adventures gives me a feeling of experiencing the same myself. You seem to be doing a lot there - research,sharing experiences with colleagues, photography etc. Good!!
Hope to see you soon. Please ask Chitra to talk to me. I have lost her number and my email has been blocked for some weird reason.


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